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Kinesiology will shed new light on how your body moves & help you reach your fitness goals without the risk of injury

As a high-functioning athlete, you have adjusted your lifestyle to accommodate your athletic pursuits. From training multiple times a week to having a strict dietary plan, you know exactly how to get your body to reach that optimal level.

Our professional sports injury clinic in Langley wants to join you on your quest for your highest athletic endeavours with our licensed kinesiology sessions. Our registered team is trained in complex biomechanical techniques that can further elevate your performance. We believe that kinesiology is a dialogue between us and your body, and together, we can observe and condition your body for success.

We provide professional assessment and treatment services for your body and help you achieve your long-term goals. With the combination of the correct strength and conditioning, our kinesiology sports clinic in Langley can help aid in healing and preventing future injuries.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement, function and performance. Our certified team can assess your movement and biomechanics by applying sciences such as anatomy, physiology and motor learning.

With a deeper understanding of how your body moves, you can begin to better strengthen and train your muscles for increased athletic achievement. Our kinesiology services focus on an athlete’s rehabilitation through customized exercise. Applied kinesiology utilizes certain muscle-testing techniques to restore the body’s balance and natural energy flow throughout the body.

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Steps at your first Kinesiology appointment?

During your Kinesiology Session, there will be a heavy focus on movement. Due to this, it would be ideal to come to your sessions in comfortable and non-restrictive clothing that you can move freely in. Please bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.

  • Initial Assessment
  • Treatment Goal Assessment
  • Detailed Treatment Plan
  • Your Informed consent
  • Potential Referral for Other Treatment
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Laser Therapy

Accelerating your body’s own natural healing process, laser therapy fast-tracks your results. From weekend workouts to performance sports, acute to chronic conditions, laser therapy reduces inflammation, relieves pain and gets you back in the game faster.

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How can kinesiology improve the movement of athletes?

High-endurance athletes and active individuals can continuously benefit from kinesiology treatments as they can help them reach their body’s full potential. When muscles are injured, the body’s immediate inflammatory response is to cause swelling, as blood rushes to the affected area. While this swelling might be minimally invasive, it can lead to the inability to perform at an optimal level, resulting in a larger issue for athletic performance.

The medicinal art of kinesiology works with the person, not with the condition. Our trained team can identify your body’s areas of concern that can hinder your full recovery and help your body find its natural balance once again.

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