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Getting the ‘Laser’ Focus on Treating Your Injuries with Laser Therapy | Sports Therapy Clinic in Surrey, BC

You have your fitness goals, and you don’t intend on stopping on the road to achieve them anytime soon. At Rebound Clinic, we are on your journey every step of the way, ensuring that any pain or discomfort that arises is treated with the appropriate treatment. As a sports therapy clinic in Langley, BC we provide you with a professional evaluation for the state of your injury and create an adept treatment plan for your success.

Laser therapy promotes the process of photobiomodulation (PBM) in which photons enter the tissue and interact with the Cytochrome C complex within the cell’s mitochondria. The low-energy pulses can be adjusted to penetrate deeply into the skin’s surface without lacerations, burns or cuts.

The light energy, which is delivered through a specific device, emits multiple laser panels on the targeted area. Once the safe and effective light energy is absorbed into the skin, the natural healing of your body will commence. Laser therapy enables molecular rehabilitation and decreased inflammation in the afflicted area by targeted stimulation of the affected area.

How many laser therapy sessions will I need to see results?

Depending on the individual case and the extent of the complication, laser therapy works in a variety of sessions. An individual with a muscle strain might benefit from four to five sessions for optimal results, while those individuals with more chronic conditions might need seven to nine sessions depending on the severity of their pain symptoms.

Our team is qualified to give you the appropriate time frames and a general estimate of how many laser therapy sessions you will need for your recovery. Additionally, we can advise you on numerous other ways that you can improve your mobility, flexibility and endurance to help you obtain your fitness goals.

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Rebound Sport & Spine Clinic - Chiropractic
Rebound Sport & Spine Clinic - Chiropractic

What are the advantages of choosing laser therapy over other medical alternatives?

While we offer a variety of medical and chiropractic services, laser therapy has proven to be one of the most effective methods for those active individuals seeking remedies for their conditions. Here are some of the effective ways that our laser therapy treatments can be a welcomed addition to your wellness routine:

  • Reduces the suppression of inflammatory enzymes resulting in wounds and swollen joints

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Enables the muscles to relax and move easier

  • Boosts wound healing and tissue repair

  • Promotes nerve function in the targeted area

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Laser Therapy

Accelerating your body’s own natural healing process, laser therapy fast-tracks your results. From weekend workouts to performance sports, acute to chronic conditions, laser therapy reduces inflammation, relieves pain and gets you back in the game faster.

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