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Run faster, jump higher & achieve
your fitness goals with professional chiropractic care!

Pushing your body to perform at its peak level is exhilarating –
reaching your fitness goals as the combination of blood, sweat and tears finally pay off!

Accelerate your body’s healing without the fear of muscle spasms and strains getting in the way!

If you are experiencing any muscle spasms, pulls and strains, it’s time to book your appointment with one of our professional chiropractors. We can sit down and discuss with you an appropriate treatment plan and provide you ongoing assessments to ensure you’re on the best path to success.

Whether you are a high-performance competitor or a weekend recreational player, your goal is to be better than the day before. Sometimes, you can push your body so hard that you might get muscle spasms and strains, and our chiropractic care clinic in Langley can help you get back on your feet safely.

It’s time to take your healing into our hands with chiropractic care for your muscle spasms!

Think of regular chiropractic care treatments in terms of going to the gym after a month’s hiatus. Your body is going to naturally feel sore the first couple of times until your muscles get familiar with the ranges of exercises. The same goes with chiropractic care – the more frequent treatments your body is provided with, the faster your muscle spasms can be eliminated and the faster you can reach an optimal physical performance!

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What causes muscle spasms?

Muscle spasms result from inflammation that occurs when a muscle is overstretched or torn. If muscle spasms are neglected by medical help, they can develop into muscle strains that lead to chronic pain. Muscle strains generally occur after lifting a heavy object, twisting your body in an unexpected way or experiencing a sudden fall or range of movements. Other causes may contribute to muscle inflammation including:

  • Dehydration
  • Excessive exercise in one particular area
  • A symptom of neuromuscular diseases such as multiple sclerosis or MS
  • Your body is low in electrolytes
  • Lack of sleep/exhaustion

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Laser Therapy

Accelerating your body’s own natural healing process, laser therapy fast-tracks your results. From weekend workouts to performance sports, acute to chronic conditions, laser therapy reduces inflammation, relieves pain and gets you back in the game faster.

Rebound Sport & Spine Clinic - Laser Therapy

How does chiropractic care enhance athletic performance?

If you have or are currently experiencing muscle spasms and strains, you know how inconvenient limited mobility can be. Chiropractic care involves a strategic method of joint manipulation to mobilize and balance muscle movement. Chiropractic sessions for athletes help manage muscle spasms and strains safely and at a low risk, allowing your spinal cords and nerve roots to open up to enhance mobility and wellness.

The goal is to get you well and keep you well!

    We can professionally alleviate
    your muscle spasms, strains and pulls

    — & expedite the time that you can get back to the activities you love!

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