Running is addictive. We understand. You can see a fast progression in your endurance and speed within a short period of time, and you want to keep going.

As much as running is a fantastic method of keeping fit and getting your adrenaline pumping, exercise causes tissue adaptations that require rest to strengthen. If you continue to run without a plan to consciously have rest days and progressively build up your program, these adaptations may not take effect and overuse of these tissues may lead to Runner’s Knee.

Runner’s Knee, or patellofemoral syndrome, can affect any individual that frequently is in activities that involve running, like soccer, basketball, hiking and skiing. As a sports chiropractic clinic in Langley, our main objective is to help you get back to doing what you love. Appropriate rehabilitation professionals can provide you with the right education, soft tissue techniques, joint mobilizations and specific exercises (both during and after your treatment) to directly target your knee pain.

What is causing my Runner’s Knee?

You just started running and you are craving it. Day by day, you’re running further. You’re running faster. You’re running multiple times a day. Suddenly, there’s a pain in the front of your kneecap that just doesn’t seem to go away. Is it Runner’s Knee? Here are some general causes of patellofemoral syndrome that may be the source of your pain:

  • A shift in your running environment (transitioning from a treadmill to the outdoors)
  • Hip or quad weakness
  • A change in footwear or wearing shoes with insufficient cushioning
  • A sudden increase in activity levels using your knees
  • Trauma to the patella
  • Improper warm-up routines before engaging in knee-heavy activities
  • Incorrect running form

Improving Runner’s Knee with physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments


The first point of action is to adjust exercises that can antagonize the joint, so we recommend engaging in non-impact sports such as swimming and cycling or altering your running program to ensure appropriate load management if you want to continue with your training. Physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments can be a beneficial method to helping you alleviate your Runner’s Knee. As an experienced multi-disciplinary team, we can use our physiotherapy and chiropractic services to assist you in returning to the activities you love.

Whether you’re training for a big marathon or simply hoping to improve your fitness levels, your knee is a vital part of your active routine. While you may be thinking that knee pain is an isolated occurrence, your pain may derive from other existing conditions. It’s essential that you get the appropriate help for long-term health goals.

Whether you’re a determined athlete or a busy parent that is trying to incorporate running into your fitness routine, Runner’s Knee is never a welcomed addition!

Runner’s Knee is a very common issue amongst active individuals and it can be easily addressed when managed properly. Our collective team of physiotherapists and chiropractors have extensive training in assessing conditions associated with the knee. If you have any questions or require assistance, please book an appointment with us today. We would love to help you get back to your active lifestyle!