“As a parent or a coach, not knowing how to properly assess and manage a concussion is terrifying.” – Dr. Mark Malowney, Doctor of Chiropractic – Rebound Sport and Spine, Concussion Clinic Langley

Concussion Management

Thanks to the combined efforts of numerous athletes, coaches, parents and celebrities, proper concussion assessment and treatment has become not only expected, but essential at all levels of sport. The evidence is clear: having a proper concussion assessment and management program in place leads to better outcomes for athletes that suffer a concussion of any severity.

Being an athlete and having suffered multiple concussions himself, Dr. Mark and Dr. Cory are familiar with the struggle players, coaches and parents endure after an athlete suffers a head injury. The athletes don’t want to let their team down and often want to get back into the game as quickly as possible. The coaches want to know the athlete is okay before sending them back in. Parents want to be certain their child is not going to suffer any long-term consequences.

Dr. Mark and Dr. Cory are highly experienced in dealing with concussions, from both preventative and treatment perspectives. They are both certified in concussion management by Complete Concussion Management, an international network of clinics and clinicians dedicated to proper before and after concussion assessment and care.

Concussion management consists of five components:

  1. Baseline Testing
  2. Prevention
  3. Assessment
  4. Treatment
  5. Return to Activity

Whether you are a coach, a parent, or an athlete, Dr. Mark or Dr. Cory can help you and your team implement a concussion management program that follows current best practices. We can’t eliminate concussion risk from sports, but we can minimize long-term effects for injured athletes through knowledge and proper protocol.

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