In today’s digital world, most of us will spend anywhere from six to eight hours a day behind a screen for our jobs. While you’re busy making a living, make sure to invest in treatments that can help alleviate your back and neck pain and increase your mobility.

Especially now with the general workforce going back to work full-time, a lot of us will need to adjust our sitting posture to ensure that we can maximize our comfort throughout the working day. 

As a sports injury clinic in Langley, our team of chiropractors at Rebound Sport and Spine is here to improve any tightness or soreness that you may be experiencing from sitting stagnant and provide advice on posture. 

As our company name suggests, our Langley chiropractors Dr. Mark Malowney and Dr. Cory Niedjalski understand sports and sports injuries. They work with athletes of all levels to promote safe, efficient injury recovery. While they have experience and expertise in sports injuries, our chiropractic doctors are highly trained to assess and treat all types of neuromusculoskeletal (nerve, muscle, ligament, tendon, joint and bone) injuries and dysfunction, no matter the cause. If you are looking for a Langley Chiropractor, we’ve got your back (and the rest of your neuromusculoskeletal system, too)!

A stagnant posture may contribute to developing headaches or discomfort in your back, shoulders and neck. 

Ignoring physical pain and mobility issues can make your specific condition worse 

When pain is starting to affect your work life, it’s time to get professional chiropractic treatments to assist your muscles. When you feel your shoulders being hunched, experiencing a rounded upper back and an arched lower back, it’s time to book a chiropractic session with our team. 

Why is proper posture important during a workday?

Aside from proper postural advice having an immediate impact on your physical appearance, avoiding prolonged static postures can have some pretty significant health benefits. With chiropractic treatments, you can experience numerous health benefits that may include:

  • Reduced wear and tear on the muscles and joints 
  • Easier movement during everyday activities
  • Less risk of severe back injuries
  • Decreased stress on the ligaments 

Integrating soft tissue work to help alleviate the stress on your musculoskeletal system

Clinical data reveals that soft tissue work is a vital component in mitigating muscle soreness and helps your body continue to feel relaxed. Holding a muscle in a shortened position for long periods of time can lead to that muscle feeling tight. Soft tissue work can relieve these feelings of tension to allow you to move easier. 

Discomfort due to posture does not only stem from a 40-hour workweek sitting at a desk. Postural discomfort can also be a result of muscular dysfunction, tight tendons, rapid weight gain, motor vehicle accidents, previous sports injuries, pregnancy, and even a history of wearing high-heeled shoes. Whatever the reason may be for your poor posture, chiropractic treatment can help ease tension and provide appropriate advice on posture.

As experienced chiropractors, Dr. Mark and Dr. Cory can focus on your tight muscles through strategic muscle stretches and releases to help your muscles relax; they can help alleviate your posture concerns by addressing the root cause of your discomfort. 

Don’t let your job be the source of your upper back pain!

While you’re busy working extra hard for that promotion you’ve had your eye on, don’t forget to adjust your posture and implement body movements accordingly to reduce your upper back pain. Our professional multi-disciplinary team can effectively help you improve your comfort during sitting and your quality of life through a wide range of exercises that will help you feel your best.

We abide by the strictest professional standards and always ensure that you are comfortable throughout your session. If you have been experiencing any upper back pain due to sitting for an extended period, make sure to book an appointment with us today for a comprehensive consultation.