We’ve reached the time of year where for most people, the new year’s motivation is starting to dwindle. As we enter into a new season, it’s important to reflect back and celebrate the progress we’ve made since January, and set a game plan for the spring! Here are some things to do as we head into spring to keep up the momentum.

  1. Celebrate the progress you’ve made to date

It’s easy to see the progress you still want to make, but it’s important to take the time to look back and celebrate what you’ve done so far! This can help motivate you to keep going as you can see what you’re capable of and that you can do it!

  1. Revisit and Revise your goals

Setting goals is important, but goals should not be set once and then forgotten about. It’s important to revisit your goals, see where you’re at to date, see what’s working and what’s not, and revise them if needed. This is also a good time to come up with a game plan of actionable steps that you can take towards reaching your goals.

  1. Get an accountability buddy!

Last but not least, accountability buddies! Whether this is a workout accountability buddy, or a friend that checks in with you to see how you’re coming along in your goals, these are the people you want to keep close! It’s important to surround yourself with friends that cheer you on and keep you accountable and motivated to reach your goals!