Infographic Name: Class IV Laser Therapy Infographic

Infographic Description:

The infographic shows the class IV laser therapy application including the reduction in inflammation, production of collagen, and muscle (direct physiological response) as well as the generation of nerves, production of cartilage and regeneration of bone (systemic physiological response).

This infographic explains how Mitochondria, that are small organs that reside in every cell of our body and their job is to produce energy in the form of a molecule called ATP. They produce ATP through the action of a system of chemical reactions called the electron transport chain. When photons from a class IV laser reach the mitochondria of cells, this activates an enzyme in the electron transport chain called cytochrome C oxidase. When this is activated, the mitochondria are able to produce more ATP for the cell. ATP is like money for the cell, it can be used for countless different functions but one of the most important things it can be used for is healing.

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