WorkSafeBC directs all health care practitioners providing in-person services to patients, to prepare and implement a Communicable Disease Prevention Plan. The following information comprises the measures the clinic has taken to reduce risk of exposure to viruses while providing clinical services.

All service professions of the Rebound Sport and Spine team have been represented in the design and implementation of this plan, and all staff working at the Rebound Sport and Spine clinic have received training.

All protocols introduced are designed to meet requirements from the various professional colleges and associations and enable the team to provide required care while minimizing the possibility of virus transmission.

These protocols include:

  • Requiring all practitioners, support staff, and patients (including aids) entering the clinic have completed ongoing self-assessments for signs of communicable disease symptoms


  • Keeping all physical interactions to a minimum while patients (including aids) enter the clinic, receive care, and exit


  • Hand hygiene, and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) during sessions for practitioners and patients is mandatory as of August 25, 2021.


  • Ensuring that all surfaces that people interact with are cleaned and sanitized 


  • Meeting any required professional obligations associated with informed consent and liability insurance


Self-Assessment to Check for Signs of Communicable Diseases – Practitioners, Support Staff and Patients


  • All patients will be requested to complete an online Communicable Disease questionnaire as part of their appointment reminder notification from the Jane software application


  • All practitioners and support staff will complete the same self-assessment pre-screening to check for signs of communicable diseases prior to attending in-person appointments at the clinic

In-Clinic Screening

  • Upon entry into the clinic, all patients that have not completed the online questionnaire will be asked to fill out a Communicable Disease document.


Access to TELEHEALTH Appointments 

  • Virtual appointments continue to be available to all patients for all services offered through the clinic


  • If pre-screening triage or in-clinic screening results indicate that an in-person appointment is not possible, patients can convert their appointments to the telehealth version


  • If sickness or possible sickness symptoms arise after successful telephone triage, patients will not be charged late fees if they need to cancel or convert their appointment to a virtual version

Physical Distancing Measures

  • Waiting room will be reserved for patients – please be sure to maintain 6ft from others.


  • It will not be possible to maintain required physical distancing guidelines during actual physical treatment


Hand Hygiene, Face-Touching, and Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • All patients must use the sanitizing station to sanitize their hands upon entry into the clinic.


  • It is mandatory as of August 25, 2021 that patients wear a mask for appointments; one designed to cover their mouth and nose, to prevent droplet transmission


  • If a patient arrives at the clinic without a mask, they can request one from the front desk staff.


Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

  • All equipment will be disinfected between patient appointments


  • All high-touch surfaces will be disinfected at least twice a day and include (but not limited to):
    • Light switches, doorknobs, table surfaces, chairs, tools, and electronic devices used by practitioners


  • Laminated questionnaire boards, pens used by patients


  • The Clinic will continue to use the services of a professional cleaning company for cleaning of floors, washroom facilities, desk(s), tables, chairs, commonly touched wall areas, doors, and for the removal of garbage