As a chiropractor and medical director for a number of local teams, I have had numerous hours of training and have been certified in concussion testing and management of concussions. I do believe that concussions are an issue, but if managed properly (just as any injury), prognosis and recovery are very good.

I’ve debated with numerous people about the risks of concussion in contact sport. Would I let my child play a contact sport? Without hesitation: YES!

Looking at the risks of contact sports, there is a distinct possibility of getting a concussion among many other injuries including, but not limited to: muscle strain, joint sprain, fractured bones, joint dislocations, paralysis and death.

Let’s look at the benefits of sport: strategy and learning to work together with others toward a common goal, meeting new friends (some lifelong friends), mental stimulation and improved fitness.

I believe that the risks for disease(s) are higher for those who choose not to be active (playing video games), for those who choose to smoke or drink, for those that go out to cause trouble in the evenings because they are not playing a sport.

In simple terms, contact sports do not have a concussion problem; they have a concussion management problem.