Don’t let the COVID-Blues Keep you from Moving At Home

Since about mid-March, many of us were advised to stay home and some of us have even transitioned to working from home full time. The only problem with this is that we have gotten complacent and gotten stuck in a rut while we are working from home. Hence the COVID-Blues, but don’t let that affect your abilities to be exercising and moving at home!

With us entering back into the school year its a perfect opportunity for us to work on ourselves while many of the focuses shift from the other people in your house. All we need is 10-15mins a day to give to yourself which I think we can all give to ourselves.  

Most of the issues that my clients have come in with recently are the tightness in the back and neck from working at home now. Here are 7 short exercises that can be done before your workday to help you feel looser and energized! I do these daily myself to help myself get ready for the clinic!

Neck Tilts:

Start in a sitting position, we are going to keep our head facing forward and lean your left ear to your shoulder with your left hand apply pressure on the right side of your head to create a stretch. Hold for a 5-second count and then repeat on the right side. Complete for a total of 5 times per side. 

Neck Rotation and Forward Bend:

Start in a sitting position, rotate your head at a 45-degree angle to your left and bring your chin to your chest. To apply additional stretch, bring your left hand to the back of your head and pull downwards lightly to give you more stretch. Hold for a 5-second count and then repeat on the other side. Complete for a total of 5 times per side. 

Lumbar Rotations:

Laying on your back with arms outstretched in a “T” shape and with Knees up in the air and feet off the ground. Move both knees together to one side of your body while trying to keep your back from rolling off the ground (if it comes off a little bit that’s okay). Hold for a 5-second count. Using your core, lift your legs to the starting position and repeat on the other side. 

Iron Cross:

Don’t worry this isn’t anything crazy lol. Laying on your back with arms outstretched in a “T” shape and with one leg extended and one knee up in the air with foot off the ground. Rotate knee over leg to the opposite side of the body and try and bring the knee to the ground. With your opposite hand to the knee, apply light pressure on top of the knee to create a stretch in the back and hip. Hold for 5 seconds, return to starting position, and repeat for 5 repetitions per side. 


On hands and knees, arch chest to the ground and Hold for 3s. Move back out of the curled position and then press shoulder blades to the sky and hold for another 3s. Repeat for 10 total repetitions moving up and down.

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch:

This is really important for those that sit at a desk all day… With one foot forward and the other knee on the ground and in line with the hip, press the hip forward with the downed knee and slightly lean back. Hold for 5s and repeat on the other side for 6 total repetitions.

Squats (Bodyweight):

In a standing position with feet slightly wider than hips and toes pointed slightly out. Lower your butt downwards while keeping your chest parallel to the wall. Lower until your butt is in line with your knees and raising into starting position. No direct holds are needed for this but a slow and controlled movement is important. Repeat for 10 total reps.

If you are looking for a more specific program you can go to and book an “Initial Kinesiology Assessment” with myself and I can create a personalized program for you! 

Stay Safe Everyone! We are in this together!

Dan 😀