That’s right!!! Hockey is back! And I don’t mean the NHL. I’m talking about local hockey
in Langley as the Langley Trappers of the Pacific Junior Hockey League (PJHL) open up their
season in a new world tackling COVID-19. While trying to keep the spirit of this Canadian
pastime alive and well, The Trappers will be taking on new challenges on and off the ice.

So how does hockey look with COVID-19? There are some very big steps that need to be
taken in order for hockey to even have a hope of happening and I am going to go through those

#1: No Fans 🙁
Unfortunately, in order to keep the group sizes to an acceptable limit it will be necessary
for the Langley Trappers and the PJHL to limit the experience to only players and immediate
staff to start. However, it looks like there will be streaming options available that you can take
advantage of at

#2: Cohorts
Teams will play in a Cohort System & Limit games played in order to keep the ‘bubble’ as
secure as possible. The beginning of the season will see teams of three in an individual cohort.
Once all acceptable games are played in the cohorts, there will be an isolation break and a new
cohort will be developed. As well, in order to ensure that there is a proper timeline in place, this
upcoming season will run a 36-game season compared to the usual 44 game season that is
typically played.

#3: Increased sanitation and Masks
When players and staff enter the rink it’s noticeably a new world with a lot of hand
sanitizer, special cleaners, and masks. There are hand sanitizing stations at the front of the rink
for everyone to use when they walk in. In the hallways when they walk by, and in the dressing
rooms as well. It is necessary for players and staff to wear masks while in the facility, including
in the offices and dressing rooms. Coaches and staff will also be wearing masks on the benches
during games.

#4: Special Masks for games
Another thing to note is that all players will also be wearing masks while they play.
These masks are unique from the typical fabric or medical masks that we are currently used to
seeing around in everyday life. These masks are specially designed to fit in every players face
shield called a ‘spit guard’ and it will be necessary for them to wear these for practices as well
as games.

#5 Rebound Involvement
For this year under the Rebound team, Dr. Mark is returning as the Team Dr. and I am
returning as the Head Trainer for the Trappers but, I am also excited to announce that we will
be having Nathan Jeffs join the roster as a trainer. You’ll remember Nathan in the clinic from his
time as a Chiropractic intern with Rebound earlier this year. We are excited to have him this
year even though he’s an Edmonton Oilers fan (HA!). I will say for myself I am extremely excited to be a part of sports again. They are a huge part of my life and it is exciting that The Langley
Trappers and the PJHL have been able to come forward with solutions for a safe Return To Play
for all the players and staff involved!

The Langley Trappers first exhibition games will be October 13 th & 14 th for the Langley Trappers!

Stay safe everyone!



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