Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Treatment: What Happens When you Hear that Popping Sound

Hearing that “pop” or the “crack” noise during your Chiropractic treatment is something some people love, but also something some people are skeptical on. To clear up some confusion that popping noise is not your bones cracking or breaking. In fact, it’s as simple as the release of gas from within the joint. All the joints in our bodies have gas within them, and when a joint is taken far enough, to its end range of motion, followed by a quite and accurate thrust, that gas is released from the joint and the pressure change within the joint is what causes that “pop.”

Now, why should we care about the “pop?”  First off, it’s usually not recommended to try and “pop” your own joints. Cracking your knuckles is likely fine; so unless you want to break the habit of cracking your knuckles, or it drives a loved one up the wall, don’t feel bad about getting the satisfaction of a good “pop” in your knuckles every once in a while.

But back to the why should we care about the “pop?” We should care because there are several benefits to joint manipulation, which is the technical term of the procedure that causes the “pop.” The potential benefits include:

–       Improved range of motion

–       Decreased pain intensity

–       Decreased feeling of tension

–       Improved balance and proprioception

–       Temporary release of dopamine (the happy hormone)

–       And more

Although there are direct potential benefits from joint manipulation, it is always important for it to be used in adjunct with other forms of therapy and exercise. We have found joint manipulation, used in conjunction with soft tissue work and specific and regular exercise, to be most beneficial. This is why we encourage and praise everyone who comes through our doors to find something active they enjoy, or to keep up with their active lifestyle if it’s something they already prioritize.

If you are interested in finding out about how the therapists at Rebound can help you through joint manipulation and help set you up for a future of healthy living, you can book online or call the clinic at 778-771-3040.