Hey everyone, like some of you, I love to play video games. I grew up with them, played them throughout grade school (getting into trouble when I forgot to do my homework) and now as an adult. Apart from a brief break in massage school, I’ve been playing videogames the majority of my life. 


During the start of the lockdown, there wasn’t much to do. I was recovering from right shoulder surgery (that’s for a different story), I wasn’t working and I got introduced to Call of Duty Warzone. It was a great time connecting with friends that I haven’t seen or heard from in months, and just overall fun since none of us were great. After the first month of playing I noticed my energy and fitness levels declining. I decided that I should probably be a bit more active, so I created some personal rules for playing depending on game mode type.  




My rule in Warzone was the following: If I was eliminated and didn’t get out of the gulag, I needed to do 20 push-ups and 20 squats. If I got brought back and eliminated again, I would need to do another set of 20/20. On the off chance I was playing well and I got out of the gulag, I wouldn’t be doing any push-up or squats as a reward for playing well.  Win or lose (let’s get real, there was a lot of losing, and not much winning) I would do 20/20 in between matches. Side note, if you mute your mic, remember to unmute it. 




Multiplayer mode was a lot faster paced, a lot more eliminations, but you respawned almost instantly. I couldn’t do my push- up and squats between eliminations, so I needed to wait until the match was over, but I would mix it up between push ups and squats.


Most videogames are played sitting. Some get the player to become more interactive with the system. I think I picked a pretty good way to get a little workout in!


Congratulations if you’ve made it this far! You’re probably a fan of Warzone! Find me on Instagram, follow/ send me a DM and we’ll run some games together! 


IG- Gdotyee