Back in March 2021 I stumbled upon a fundraiser put together by KidSport Langley. Those who know me know I’m a big supporter of local sports organizations. I reached out to James who runs KidSport Langley and asked about what Move430 was and how I could get involved. He explained that Move430 was a fundraiser for KidSport and that people would enrol in the program and do 30 min of exercise per day for all of April (hence move 4(April) 30min/day).


I thought this was a great idea and since I was already doing 30 min per day, it would be easy for me to enroll. I decided to challenge my staff to do the same and my media group suggested that we go bigger and challenge our social media followers to compete in the Move430. 


We hatched a plan to “pay for enrollment” for anyone who wanted some motivation to be more active. We weren’t sure what to expect for engagement but we budgeted for 10-15 people.


When we posted on our social media, we had about 30 people respond (before we quickly turned off the post!)


For all of April, our group contributed to social media pictures and encouraged each other to do their 30 min. While it was tough for some to carve out 30 min in a day, we were able to get most to complete the challenge!


I was extremely pleased to be able to contribute to improve health and fitness while also donating to KidSport and help contribute to keep kids playing sport!


You never know, one of these kids may be the next Olympian if they are given the opportunity to play!  The next Move430 is coming this April, so sign up and help those kids play!