How To Get Through Your Yard Work and Gardening Without Pain

The season is right for nice weather here in BC and that means when there isn’t a heatwave, it’s a great time to get outside! That also means it’s the time of year when we can get out and get our lawns and gardens in order. While this is a fun activity for many, it does have its downfalls, unfortunately. While the gardening season is great for getting out in the sun to get some much-needed activity and vitamin D, it is also a very common time where we see an increase in back and neck pain. Here are some tips to get you through your work without worrying about pain:

1. Stay hydrated and well-fed
Gardening and yard work can be hard work. Giving your body the basic energy and hydration it needs to function is essential to keep away any fatigue or cramping that can cause pain. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your work as well as some light, healthy snacks to keep you going.

2. Move around as much as possible
Gardening in particular can have us sitting, standing, slouching, or crouching in the same spot for extended periods of time. Make sure that regardless of the posture you find yourself in, you switch up that posture roughly every 10 minutes. Additionally, try to spend no more than 30 minutes in one spot,
even if that means simply standing up and walking around for 5 minutes before coming back to that spot if more work needs to be done. Prolonged postures are the most common cause of a stiff, achy back after gardening for the first time in a while. For more detailed information on posture, check out our blog post on posture!

3. Avoid bending/twisting at the back when lifting/pushing
Bending at the knees and hips when repetitively lifting heavy objects or pushing something heavy such as a lawnmower can help save your back from unnecessary wear and tear. Twisting is another motion that backs and necks don’t like when working with heavy objects. Try to keep weight in front of you and avoid awkward turns when carrying objects or pushing the mower.

4. Relax!
Gardening and yard work can be just that, work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time! Being out in the sun, being physically active, and being productive are all great things for your body and your mind; take the time to enjoy it! Take some breaks, enjoy a beverage of choice, and enjoy the fruits of your labor; a positive frame of mind is a great foundation for feeling good all around.

We hope that these tips can be useful but don’t worry, any aches and pains you may have can always be
managed and we are here for you at Rebound Sport & Spine.