Halloween is known for the candy, pumpkins, and trick-or-treating, but it’s also full of opportunities to spend some time outdoors! This year, don’t let the kids have all the fun – make sure you find some time to run around a little bit too. Here are a few fun ways to stay active this Halloween!


Take your kids trick or treating

The first and most obvious way to stay moving on Halloween is to go trick-or-treating! Don’t be the parent that drives their kid from house to house – lace up your sneakers and go door-to-door on foot!

Participate in your kids’ Halloween parade

If you have young children, they may be participating in a Halloween parade at school or daycare. If the teachers ask for chaperones, offer to walk with the kids!

You may not be walking quickly, but you’ll definitely get your steps in if the group does a few laps around the block.

Go to a corn maze

One of my favorite fall activities is getting lost in the local corn maze with friends. If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area that runs a corn maze, go check it out!

Dumbbells for doorbells

All night, whenever someone rings the doorbell, give them candy and then close the door and do 10 bicep curls with dumbbells, 10 squats or 10 lunges… You get the idea. Better yet, pick two or three of your favorite moves and mix it up to tone your whole body this Halloween!