Do you experience pain in your shins when running or walking? Does it get worse the more active you are? Have you tried getting it treated and it still isn’t gone? Custom orthotics may be the solution!


One of the most common causes of shin pain is shin splints. Shin splints is the common term for an overuse injury of muscles of the lower leg and can happen in a couple of different areas depending on which muscle is affected. The arch of the foot is essential to foot function as it allows the foot to absorb, transmit, and produce force through the foot when walking, running, balancing, or doing anything else with the foot when bearing weight. 


Shin splints are usually caused by overuse of one of the shin muscles during running or walking and is usually seen in cases where someone has drastically increased their work load without a proper progressive build-up. The repetitive use of these muscles in moving the foot and ankle as well as absorbing shock while running can cause these muscles and their tendons to become painful. 


Another cause of shin splints is overpronation of the ankle. Pronation is a normal motion of the foot and ankle that helps this area absorb force while walking or running. However, excessive pronation causes a functional collapse in the arch of the foot. This arch collapse, if substantial and repetitive enough, can put considerable strain on the muscle that supports the arch and can, in some cases, eventually lead to pain in the area. 


Shin splints typically respond well to care if treatment is initiated early enough. Helpful treatments include rehabilitative exercise, manual (hands-on) therapy and laser therapy.  While these treatment methods can be helpful, research has shown that custom orthotics can help relieve the pain of shin splints.


Custom orthotics are orthopedic insoles that are custom designed to fit your foot and how it functions uniquely. The most important function of a custom orthotic is to support the arch of the foot and dampen shock transmitted from the foot to the ankle and ultimately the lower leg. While the orthotic can offer some passive, structural support of the arch – much like a brace – its main function is to aid the body in providing active support to itself. Custom orthotics may be effective as a standalone method of treatment for shin splints but research supports its use alongside other treatment methods (such as the ones listed above) as the most effective approach. For more on custom orthotics at Rebound Sport and Spine, check out our Custom Orthotics page!


If you are experiencing pain in your shins and want to take control of it, custom orthotics may be the right fit for you! Book an assessment with one of our chiropractors today to see if custom orthotics are right for you and start on the road to recovery!