Rebound Sport & Spine Langley specializes comprehensive rehabilitation of those recovering from injuries. Our clinic will help you overcome the physical and mental challenges of injuries, whether sports-related or a result of everyday accidents. We are one of Langleys premiere personal injury rehab clinics, contact us today to book an appointment!

Our holistic approach to rehab is patient-centered and focuses on your physical recovery as well as your emotional well-being. Our facility features state-of the-art technology, as well as a range of advanced treatments techniques tailored to each patient’s needs. Our expert team of physical therapists and chiropractors, as well as sports medicine doctors and our support staff, use both traditional and modern methods to improve your recovery. These methods aim to not only relieve pain, but also improve mobility and strength.

We at Rebound Sport & Spine believe in the strength of a team-based multidisciplinary approach. This allows for a comprehensive approach to your injury and health, resulting in a faster recovery. Our commitment to patient education allows you to play an active part in your recovery. We offer you our insights on how to prevent injury, eat well, and exercise effectively.

We are committed to providing the best, most evidence-based treatments available. This is why we constantly improve our skills and keep up with the latest developments in the field of personal injury rehabilitation. Rebound Sport & Spine is a clinic dedicated to your comfort, health and well-being.

Rebound Sport & Spine invites you to become a part of our community, where you will not only be a patient, but also a partner for recovery. Take a look at the impact of our comprehensive, compassionate care and make the first move towards a more vibrant, healthier future.