When can I return to activity after an injury?

When can I return to activity after an injury? This is a question I get a lot, whether it be with clients that I’m working with at the clinic or on the field with the Langley Rams Junior Football club or at the rink with the Langley Trappers Junior Hockey Club. It is important to understand when you should return back to activity after an injury.

The first piece of advice I can give you is to never google your symptoms… it will almost always give you the worst outcomes and diagnoses out there. It is always best to have a professional that has expertise in the matter to examine what is going on. As well, every injury is completely unique and different. Not every injury can fit into the cookie-cutter that Google gives us.

The process to return to activity after an injury

There is a process that I take when it comes to looking at when someone can return from an injury:

  • Has your injury been diagnosed?
    • It’s always important to have a professional look at your injury so that it can be treated properly otherwise you’re likely working towards a goal that isn’t going to heal things correctly.
  • How bad is the injury?
    • I think this goes without saying that if you have a broken bone or torn muscle/ligament/tendon then your recovery is going to take longer to recover; however, much like the first step, it is important to get a proper diagnosis so the correct plan can be put in place.
  • Does the injury feel like it limits what you’re trying to do?
    • When I do my assessments, one of the things that I try and do is have someone perform the activity in a controlled environment where I can see how it’s being done to determine if it can be done without worsening any injury. Things like a person’s form and technique always have to be taken into account because these things could very well have caused the injury in the first place.
  • Can you still do what you want to do with the injury?
    • It is likely that if you can do what you are trying to accomplish without hindrance from your injury that you can likely return to activity without fear. This is something I would take into account as well during any rehabilitation/strengthening program I would be making with my clients.
  • Are you confident with what you are trying to do?
    • I will always say try what you are comfortable and confident doing. If you are having any apprehension in any way then your mind and body are already telling you that you aren’t ready for that activity yet.
  • Are you doing any treatment for the injury?
    • This is one thing that usually gets overlooked in the recovery process and unfortunately can lead to a person going back to being re-injured due to the injury not healing correctly or returning to activity too early. Kinesiology, as well as the other therapies that are offered at Rebound Sport and Spine, can offer a unique perspective on recovery and since we are all versed in recovery methods can provide all the tools necessary for recovery (whether that be in the clinic itself or the use of online tools such as Telehealth)

So the final consensus…

When can I return to activity after an injury? The short answer is to take small steps in the recovery process and let the body heal in the correct way. It is never good to do too much too soon or force the body to do things it’s not prepared to do.

With myself as your Kinesiologist, I can help provide all the tools necessary for a properly progressed and smooth recovery that is both challenging and specific to your desired activity and outcome. I can do this by creating individualized and progressive rehab programs that are used to encourage recovery in the right way without you having limitations on yourself.

Stay safe Everyone!