Here at Rebound Sport and Spine, we pride ourselves in providing top notch care to athletes and sports teams. From the clinic to the field, the court, or the rink, we provide a variety of services from injury management to on-site medical/first aid services to complete concussion management services. Many may recognize the Rebound team or the Rebound tent at sporting events and usually associate our services with team sports but one sport that you may not know we do work with is golf.


Golfers of all ages and all levels get aches and pains like everyone else. Here at Rebound, we understand the stress and strain that golf can put on the body and we’re here to help keep you active and get you through your golf season with chiropractic, physiotherapy, kinesiology, and registered massage services. Golf is a great way to get outdoors, stay active, and have fun with family and friends and we are here to make sure that pain does not need to put your golf game on hold. While this is a part of what we do every day and we have helped many golfers in this sense, what you may not know is that we also offer services to help improve your golf swing and improve your golf performance through TPI Screens.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is a multifaceted system that has helped many golfers, including some of the best golfers in the world, improve their game and take it to the next level. A TPI Screen is a series of physical tests that can identify certain limitations in a golfer’s body that may be relevant to their swing. During a TPI Screen appointment, one of our practitioners will have a brief conversation with you regarding the screen, put you through the tests included in the physical screen, have a look at your swing using video analysis, discuss the results, and may give some advice and/or exercises to work on (time permitting). If a golfer is working with a swing coach, the practitioner will give the option to communicate with them regarding swing analysis and collaborate with them on how to best improve your game. The physical tests of the TPI Screen can predict certain swing characteristics that may be seen on swing analysis. If these predicted characteristics are seen during analysis, there is a likelihood that the characteristic may be caused by a physical limitation of some kind. If these connections are found, a plan will be made to address these physical limitations in the gym and in the clinic so the swing characteristics can be improved. This can save time and effort in trying to coach a golfer to do something in their swing that their body is simply not capable of. Simply put, TPI Screens can help to identify and improve connections between body and swing.

Currently Dr. Cory is offering TPI Screens out of the clinic. These are covered under chiropractic benefits and are booked as 30-minute appointments (either Initial Chiropractic or Extended Chiropractic). If you are a golfer looking to improve your swing for the upcoming season, book in your TPI Screen appointment today or contact us for more details! If you are a golf coach and are interested in TPI Screens for your students, please contact Dr. Cory at [email protected].