Do your hips feel stuck and are not moving the way you want them to? Many of us have jobs that require us to sit for long periods, causing our hips to not perform at their optimal level. 

Our sports physiotherapy clinic can help you alleviate hip pain, muscle aches and any immobility issues that may arise from your normal day-to-day activities. 

Hip mobility will pave the way to improve the relationship with the rest of your body. Our physiotherapy clinic can help you throw that powerful punch in your boxing class, swing a golf club without pain and help you finish that marathon that you have been preparing for months! So why is hip health essential to your body’s functions? Because you wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without it – quite literally.

“Physiotherapy encompasses rehabilitation, injury prevention, and health promotion/fitness through a collaborative approach. We, as Physiotherapists, employ a holistic approach to treatment, looking at the patient’s lifestyle and engaging them in their own treatment.” – Shawn Swartz, Physiotherapist, Rebound Sport and Spine


The hip and joint mobility

Have you ever watched children play? Along with their boundless energy, they’re flexible, fast and seem to bend every which way. As we age, our joint mobility seems to diminish, but that is not to say that you can’t regain that all back. We can help you incorporate mobility drills and home exercises that can improve your range of motion and eventually alleviate your hip muscle soreness.

Whether you are a high-functioning athlete or a busy parent, all of us perform daily mundane tasks that require the performance of our hips – lifting grocery bags, walking up the stairs, picking up garbage. It’s essential to help your hips perform their best as you age! We accelerate your rehabilitation period and aid you in a better understanding of your body’s vital biomechanics to prevent further injuries. 


Why are healthy hips vital to the rest of your body?

The importance of hip mobility isn’t just for the sake of the hips themselves. Tight hips serve as a domino effect to other parts of the body, and can even act as a hotspot for other injuries to occur. Our hips are designed to generate power – all the ligaments, tendons and muscles that comprise the hip joint are meant to allow for hardy and robust movement. Squatting, running, jumping – these activities are all possible to the adaptive mechanics of our hips.  


There are three major muscle groups that support the hip and the pelvis. Each of these groups of muscles allows the hips to move in different directions:

  1. Internal and external rotators
  2. Flexors and extensors
  3. Adductors (inner thigh) and abductors (outer thigh)

When any of these muscle groups are compromised, it places a strain on the others, creating acute and chronic discomfort. The hip flexors originate in the lower back, and when they are tight either to a lack of stretching or too much compression from sitting too long, it will directly place stress on the lumbar spine. When there is pressure on the lumbar spine, the pain may manifest in the lower back, pelvic floor and even knees.

Having flexible and mobile hips is vital to your overall physical wellbeing, and our trained physiotherapy team can create a customized plan to optimize your hip mobility. Treatments may include mobilizations or manual therapy, IMS (dry-needling), soft tissue release and home exercises that you can do at home.


Physiotherapy goes beyond skin-deep

Our collaborative team of physiotherapists and exercise therapists can help design a suitable plan that includes:

  • Soft tissue massage to help reduce tightness and swelling
  • Joint mobilization to relieve tension and stiffness
  • Exercises to help you improve your joint motions and flexibility
  • Balance exercises to improve core strength and boost fitness ranges
  • Stretching methods to reduce tissue tension and alleviate muscle soreness
  • Self-management strategies that can be implemented in the comfort of your home to help accelerate your healing


Schedule your consultation today and make 2022 your healthiest year to date!

Hip muscles, tendons, or ligaments injuries can severely impact your lifestyle, activities and work. Healing of this nature can be a slow process. Thankfully, there are proven techniques and therapies that can speed up the healing process significantly. Physiotherapists are highly trained in these techniques and therapies and are experts in injury assessment and treatment. Our physiotherapist will work with you to treat your injury within your unique circumstance, ensuring the best possible outcome for you.

Our team is dedicated to helping you reach your physical goals and getting you back on track to the pain-free lifestyle that you deserve.